Bet Won!

It’s a win!

Bolivia Professional Division

Club AR V Real Potosi

Expected scoreline: 4-1

FT result: 4-1

Enjoy your winnings gentlemen.

NB: Due to the Corona virus pandemic causing most football leagues to shut down, it has become quite difficult to fix games, I will not be announcing any new games until regular football action resumes. 


38 thoughts on “Bet Won!

  1. Base says:

    Last goal 90+3. Lol I almost died of a heart attack.

  2. Jake Lavalle says:

    I think it's best not to follow the game and just check the final scores at the end of the game.

  3. Pierre Laval says:

    @Jake. I have mentioned that before. There is no need to follow the game, I promised there will never be a loss, and there won't.

  4. ZoZone says:

    Reading through the whole blog, and bro you’re amazing. I want to join the team.


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