15 Odd Game Coming Up On February 12.

Hello world, everyone having an amazing year I trust. Some of you emailed me regarding a date for the next game and as I told you all in the email, Feb 12 is the date. Details on the upcoming game are highlighted below.

Date- February 12, 2020

Odds- 15

Bet type- Correct score

Price- €500

Email- info@montecarlobetclub.com

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35 thoughts on “15 Odd Game Coming Up On February 12.

  1. proXjay says:

    He also promised to announce earlier last time out.

  2. Pierre Laval says:

    I have to be absolutely sure my plans won't change before announcing to the blog. I wouldn't want to do a 180 and come around saying we can't have a game after posting about it on the blog and having subscribers pay already. I don't want to mess with nobody's money. I hope you all understand.

  3. Pierre Laval says:

    I should also add, you can have your subscription fee ready at all times, it is always going to be €500, at least for the foreseeable future, you don't have to wait for an announcement to prepare. Always be ready, that's what a smart investor does.

  4. Pierre Laval says:

    Unless you live in North Korea, you can always buy bitcoin online wherever you are from. Do not forget due diligence so you do not get scammed. You can send me an email, I might be able to help if I have prior subscribers from your country.

  5. Telic says:

    They should have simply emailed to ask for a date. I don't see what both men are going on about.

  6. Unknown says:

    Just joining and visiting this platform Can someone tell me how it's done over here?

  7. Norbert Amobi says:

    I’m new here, want to know more about you. Thanks.


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